Friday, 31 July 2009

The Little Book of Positive Thoughts

“The Little Book of Positive Thoughts” by Rob P Brown and Rick Armstrong is a little book that is packed with positive messages that you can read time after time and still find something new; a different perspective, a stroke of inspiration, a spark to ignite your motivation, something to make your business day more successful and your life a lot happier.

Whether in your business day or life in general, opportunities abound but sometimes you just need a bit of a shove to truly see the potential that exists.

“The Little Book of Positive Thoughts is anything but ‘little’ when it comes to the big ways that it can inspire positive change. It is simple, profound, and powerful and it is the freshest approach to motivating people toward achieving higher levels of success that I’ve seen in years.”
- Ivan Misner
NY Times Best selling author and Founder of Business Network International (BNI).

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